Rats & mice around your home?

Are Rats & Mice spreading disease around your home?
Creating foul smells from their droppings?
Gnawing through electrical wires & timber in the roof and walls?
Making your home dangerous and dirty?
Keeping you awake at night?

Rodent treatment is a tricky business, but our providing baiting programs have never lost the battle. Our treatments are not only environmentally friendly but they are effective in controlling these pests.

Mice love our homes, they are warm in winter and cool in summer, plenty of food and heaps of places to hide. There are just ideal. For these reasons you may notice mice inside buildings more in the cooler months in particular.

What we do to treat Mice

Set up a guaranteed program to control rodents in a building and it’s surrounding environment and advise how you can help reduce future problems to prevent them getting out of control.

We have a range of systems and strategies to managing rodents. Once we inspect your property we will provide you our best strategy to control these pests.

Aside from baits and traps, we use tracking powders and baited food substitutes to ensure these pests are eliminated.

We all know that feeling when we turn on the kitchen light and we see this flash across the floor back into the panty. Let us help you rid these pests from your home and office.

Rat Control

What you can do with our mice help and advice.

  • Prevent entry - Wherever possible eliminate gaps under doors, in weep holes, in windows etc. so that it’s hard to get into.
  • Remove food and water sources - Well sealed containers for all food, no scraps left out, bins sealed tightly and no fluid arounds to help keep them hydrated.